We put your safety first and that is why we are proud to announce that owners and employees of Socal Window and Solar Cleaning have received the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Socal Window and Solar Cleaning specialize in cleaning interior/exterior windows for 1, 2, 3, 4, and even 5 story residential and commercial properties without using potentially damaging extension ladders.

We can also clean your single-story solar system without ever stepping on your roof. 


You likely agreed to certain terms when buying the solar system that requires you to maintain your system to keep your warranties intact. We will follow those requirements to the letter.


By maintaining and cleaning your system, you will keep it running optimally which will extend its life and ensure its always producing the most energy and in turn value possible.


Residue buildup on your solar panels can reduce it’s production to near non-existence. By cleaning your solar system, you can have confidence it will always be producing on the level it’s capable of.

Why Choose Socal Window and Solar Panel Cleaning?

Free Estimates

We personally visit your home or business for a free on-site window cleaning or solar panel cleaning estimate.  We also provide estimates via phone or email.


We use innovative equipment such as a portable pure water system connected to a water-fed pole that allows us to clean windows up to 5 stories without using extension ladders.  This same technology allows us to clean single-story solar system using platform step ladders without ever stepping foot on the roof! 


We are an honest, hardworking, and courteous company that places tremendous value on customer service and professional results. 

Respect For Your Home

We always wear foot coverings and face masks when in a client’s home.  Towels are placed under each interior window when cleaned.  Additionally, we are very careful when working around landscaping when cleaning exterior windows or solar panels.


Whether a single visit or through becoming a member, the benefits of maintaining and cleaning your solar system will pay for itself quickly leading to increased savings as your solar system operates more efficiently. Your production will be increased, your solar system and it’s warranties protected and your pocketbook fuller.


We take our responsibility to clean your solar system seriously. Our solar panel cleaning technicians are of the highest caliber and you can be confident our professionalism will be reflected in everything we do.

Our Services

  • Exterior Window Cleaning
  • Interior Window Cleaning
  • Solar Panel Cleaning
  • Glass Door Cleaning
  • Mirror Cleaning
  • Paint Removal
  • Window Tracks & Sills
  • Exterior Window Frames
  • Residential and Commercial
  • Screen Repair & Rescreening

Recent Projects

Below you’ll find some of our recent projects. We service and clean smaller solar systems on residences all the way up to massive solar arrays on commercial buildings.

Single Family Home
Single Family Home

Single Family Home

4 kw System

2,784 kWh increase    25% improvement

Single Family Home
Single Family Home

Single Family Home

15.2 kw System

7,493 kWh increase  •  25% improvement

Commercial System
Commercial System

Commercial System

75 kw System

12,784 kWh increase  •  25% improvement

“We didn’t realize that Solar Panels had to be cleaned regularly for when they were installed, they were advertised as being virtually maintenance free once installed! Sure that is true, but that also means you won’t be drawing a reliable amount of solar to convert into electricity after so many months in any outdoor situation, therefore eliminating the need for panels in the first place! That is where Jeff’s business comes in and the services they provide. The difference is an obvious change just by seeing the results and how cloudy the panels were before and after, and with over a decade of neglect (lack of knowledge), it’s time to play catch up. You will be hearing from us again Jeff!“

Westley Hoover
Chula Vista, Ca

“After spending $30,000 on our solar system, it was important to us to keep it operating at full capacity. Jeff and Caleb have done an awesome job, we tell all our friends and look forward to continue working with.”

Stephanie Ballantyne
Chula Vista, Ca

A Solar Panel Cleaning Company You Can Count On

At SoCal Solar Clean we aim to please. It is our goal to make sure your solar system is clean, operating at its highest level of efficiency, and the experience you have with us is of the highest caliber.


We include and disclose all costs upfront so there are no surprises and your solar system cleaning experience will be pain-free.


Why delay when savings are on the line? We’ll get a technician to the job quickly so you can get back to saving money.


Our solar cleaning services are guaranteed. If you’re unhappy with the job we’ve done, we’ll redo it until you are.